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Κινητό εργαστήριο ελέγχου φωτοβολταϊκών πλαισίων

The “Mobile PV Testcenter” is delivered to Kmetrics by MBJ Services on 10 March 2014. Following this the laboratory is transported from Hamburg to Greece, to the Kmetrics headquarters.

Εκπαίδευση στελεχών Kmetrics

Kmetrics travels to Hamburg, Germany so its staff can be trained in the use of the “Mobile PV Testcenter”. During the three-day training session, MBJ Services presents and thoroughly analyzes the capabilities of the mobile PV module testing laboratory, to enable Kmetrics staff to operate the “Mobile PV Testcenter” successfully.

Συμβόλαιο MBJ Services - Kmetrics

Kmetrics is happy to announce the conclusion of a contract with MBJ Services, for the manufacture and supply of the first mobile PV module testing laboratory, i.e. the Mobile PV Testcenter in Greece. Kmetrics is now the exclusive representative of MBJ Services in Greece and operates the “Mobile PV Testcenter”.

Intersolar 2013 Μονάχου

Kmetrics visited InterSolar Expo 2013, an international exhibition for the solar industry held in Munich, Germany. The exhibitors included MBJ Solutions which presented PV cell and PV module testing equipment for production lines. MBJ Services also presented theMobile PV Testcenter. It should be noted that MBJ Services was awarded the innovation prize at Intersolar 2012 for presenting the world's first “Mobile PV Testcenter”.